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Introducing Mumubl – Limits on posting

You can’t just keep posting and posting and posting, well you can, but there are rules here don’t you know! You can post a track a day, this is to encourage you to write about something that means something to you and hopefully put a little more into each post. As well as your one […]

We’re on the ‘gram

So a number of changes are planned on the site and they’re slowly working their way through, I’ll be popping details on here as and when things go live. But in more immediate news there is now a mumubl instagram account, yay! – – so head on over there if you fancy seeing pictures […]

Playlisting #Regrexit

So my good friend @neil_bowness suggested a bit of a fun play-listing game, someone picks a theme and you make a playlist to fit with it (back in the day it would have been a CD or mixtape of course!). The theme then, Brexit / Regret or #Regrexit as it has become. You can have […]

Am I ready to throw away my CDs? I don’t think so

It must be about a year since I finally jumped from Spotify’s free tier to paying for the premium version. It was mainly driven by wanting to use Spotify on the go on my phone and the fact that a 3 month 99p trial turned up. I took the trial and never looked back. I’ve […]

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